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Custom Order Form

Step 1. Prior to submitting your order form, please EMAIL US 

at with your inspiration so that we can assist you with completing the order form correctly!

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For Mobile Orders, please switch to desktop mode to view page contents.

Please read entire page in order to inform yourself the most about our process, please do not skim through it!!


Before you place your order, please review our FAQ  and don't hesitate to e-mail our team at ANYTIME! 


Choosing a suit can be a daunting task. I understand this and I'm here to help you the entire way!! If you are ready to order your suit OR put a deposit down to reserve your spot on my production schedule, please fill out the form below.  Whatever you don't know or may be unsure of,  let us know prior to submitting this form! 


KHCustoms is a very small company, unfortunately we cannot accommodate the volume of many other companies. We choose to stay small in order to build relationships with our clients and truly give each suit a personal and unique touch! 


KHCustoms recommends ordering:

At LEAST 8 weeks out for shows in March - November.

Heavily detailed "figure designs" suits should be ordered at LEAST 12 weeks out.


The above is the ideal timeframe to order a suit. We can accommodate last minute orders as well, however there is a rush fee, so always try to order in advance.  Your estimated shipping date will be provided at the time of payment.


For Regular Orders (Under 12 weeks Out) & Payment Plan Orders (Over 12 weeks out): Suits are shipped out around your 3 week out mark, for you to have it around 2 - 2 1/2 weeks out.

Suits ordered over 12 weeks out that pay in full may request to have their suits shipped earlier upon receipt of invoice.


RUSH ORDERS - Suits placed under 6 weeks out are considered a Rush Order or Express Order and do not apply to the above shipping time frames and will be determined on a case by case basis.


 We're here to make your suit experience stress free and exciting. Together, we can pick the right color for your skin tone and customize every little detail!



If you would like to change some of our standard fits, please include this in the "Extra Info" area. Please be advised, if you leave this area blank, the suit will be made our standard, most popular way loved by our clients, judges and coaches!



All our tops come with custom cut padding to suit your cup size. Our standard tops are not sewn in place, which means you can adjust the top how you like. This is the most popular method that works for most of our girls. If you are certain you'd like your cups sewn in place, please request it in the info! I'll help recommend the best connector for tops sewn in place.



At KHCustoms, we work with ladies across the world with many different requests, so we make sure our bottoms can be easily altered without ruining the integrity of your suit. We do this because although your suit is going to fit that stage ready bod of yours, you may become tighter leading up into one of your next shows and you may need to take your suit in in a pinch! We provide you with instructions on the care card shipped with your suit, so be sure to keep this handy! KHCustoms provides free alterations for the lifetime of your suit but will also be on call to help you should you ask a local seamstress to alter your suit for you (since shipping is extra). If you have any questions once you receive your suit, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately, we are ALWAYS here for you!


If this is your first show and you have no idea what to expect, remember,  at KHCustoms we have made suits for over 2,800 women and are experts in the industry! You can rest assured you will be well taken care of if you put your trust in KHCustoms.

**All measurements are subject to a 1/4-1/2" difference.

Illustrated Fireworks New Year

Emily is wearing a True Red Micro Nudist V6 with #10 Connectors



All suits are made to look the best. It takes some time playing around with fabrics to figure out which stone colors work the best. We will always suggest what will look most pleasing to the eye on your fabric color should you request specific stone colors.


We do not charge for extra standard colored in stock rhinestones! Athletes may chose the colors they would likeor leave blank for designer choice.  We know what works best, but please let us know if you have something  specific in mind!


EXAMPLE : If you do NOT want a specific common color like Crystal/Crystal AB - PLEASE MENTION IT!


Starter Scatter - This is our most basic suit for beginners and for those on very tight budgets. This is a great starter bikini!


Custom Budget Scatter Deluxe - Scattered crystals in 2-3 sizes and complimenting colors for a  beautiful and unique effect in any budget ranging from $250-$550.


Scatter Deluxe V6 - Scattered crystals in 2-3 sizes and complimenting colors for a  beautiful and unique effect. From the Classic Ombre, to the Inward Out Ombre to Reverse Ombre, we can do annnnything!


Waterfall-  Crystals at the top, trickling down for a waterfall effect, typically in an ombre color combo. Waterfalls can also be done from the inside corner, or outside corner if specified.


NudistV6 - The Nudist pattern is a beautiful linear pattern of crystals. The combinations are endless. From the Classic Ombre, to the Inward Out Ombre to Reverse Ombre, we can do annnnything!


Nudist Deluxe - Colored AB rhinestones to match the complimenting fabric. Nudist suits with all special AB stoning are an additional $50.

Illustrated Fireworks New Year Poster (2

Ericka is wearing an electric blue custom design bikini with #10 connectors. 


...on your suit color choice

- Jewel tones compliment the majority of skin tones and always look amazing on stage!!
- Worried about tan stains? We line our suits with sweat wicking and protective black specialty liner for the most protection, however the lighter the suit the harder it is to remove tan stains, so choose a rich color if you are really worried.


..on your connector choice

- Dangle connectors such as (#3, #9, #12) are truly no longer very popular within the fitness industry. For the petite competitor, we suggest connectors that aren't overpowering, such as (#4, #5, #10, #11, #17, #18).
- Broad? Avoid connectors that are thick and might add illusions to your shape such as (#6).
- Small Chested? Choose a smaller connector such as (A, C, F, G, H) this will maximize push up. All suits are left with sliding triangle tops. If you would prefer the cups to be sewn in, you may request this on your order form!
- Almost all body types work well with (#1, #5, #10, #11, #16, #18).


...on your rhinestone choice

It may be hard to pin point the colors you want on your suit and sometimes, however using terms like "lots of crystal color" or "more tone on tone stones" "no crystal color" "an equal mix of crystal/complimentary stones" will give us all the vision we need to create you the perfect suit!


- Looking for something that is going to LIGHTEN your fabric?  Choose to go with more crystal or crystal ab crystals.


-Looking for something that is more sleek & sexy? Choose to go with more tone on tone crystals  that blend with your suit.


We are MORE than happy to surprise you with something out of this world gorgeous -  many of our clients just say "this is my budget, make it beautiful!!", and trust us, they are happy!!

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