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Pre-Made Suits

What is a "Pre-Made"?


Pre-Made suits are exactly that. Suits that are pre-made that fit a specific size range.

We frequently add Pre-Made Suits to our online gallery so that YOU can have an opportunity to get a pro level suit at an amazing discount. These suits are made in the most common sizing and are always reviewed with the prospective buyer to ensure that your suit will fit like a glove. We will not sell a Pre-Made Suit that we feel is not suitable to your body type/measurements. 

Pre-Made Suits are final sale and cannot be customized. Some Pre-Made's are half pre/half custom! This means the Top is usually made and the bottoms will be made custom to you!!

If you are looking for different bottom coverage than the suit you are interested in, we offer bundle deals of discounted second bottoms when purchased with a pre-made suit.


Important things to note:

Pre-Made suits cannot be changed or altered.

 Pre-Made suits are full payment only, and cannot be put on payment plans. 

Completed suits will ship 3-4 days after purchase.

Half Pre-Made/Half Custom will ship in approximately 3-4 weeks after purchase.

Questions? As always, please email us!

Current selection is always changing - it's difficult for us to keep up with our current pre-made suits online during the peak season. Due to changing inventory, some suits listed may already be sold.