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Skin Tone 4-1-1:

No matter what your skin tone, jewel tones compliment the majority of skin tones and always look amazing on stage!! We've put together some Top 3 lists for you to consider if you need help choosing a fabric!


Please keep in mind, whatever fabric you choose, you will look stunning in as long as you wear it confidently! There are more factors to take into consideration, but this is a general guideline.


Natural Ashy Blondes - 1. Blues 2.Purples 3. Greens

Natural Strawberry Blondes  1. Greens 2. Purples 3. Blues

Natural Strawberry - Red 1. Greens 2. Purples 3. Blues

Natural Auburn - Brown   1. Greens 2. Purples 3. Reds

Natural Dark Brown - Black 1. Reds 2. Greens 3. Blues


Blue Eyes 1. Blues 2.Purples 3. Greens

Green Eyes 1. Purples 2. Greens 3. Blues

Brown Eyes 1. Red 2. Purple. 3. Green

Hazel Eyes 1. Purple 2. Green 3. Red

Auburn Eyes 1. Red 2. Purple 3. Green



Budget + Style 4-1-1:

Your budget and how you want your suit to look can determine a lot about which fabric we should choose for you! If you want your suit to look like MORE for less it's important to choose a fabric that already has dimension such as the Shatter or Avatar fabric. If you like the look of less, then a Micro or Tri Cot fabric would be best. Holo sits right in the middle. For lower budget suits with spacing between the crystals, the more elaborate the fabric, the more dynamic your suit will be.


Now what about those funky  prints?! Although we can totally make a printed suit for bikini, typically prints are amazing for figure suits. Prints work great with all budgets! Going for something sure to stand out? Try a printed fabric!


Worried about tan stains? If you want the best lifespan, the lighter the suit the harder it is to remove tan stains, so choose a rich color if you want a suit that can always be washed and worn again!


**All tricot fabrics are more likely to stain than Hologram fabrics. The hologram acts as a protective layer from the tan which reduces the liklihood of staining. All light colors should be assumed a 1 show suit.

Unsure of which fabric color suits you the best? We can mail you some swatches as long as we have enough time, but please don't hesitate to email us some selfies, we'd be more than happy to suggest fabric colors for you!!

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