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When should I order my suit?

It's never too early to order, ordering early ensures a spot on our production schedule. We understand if you are ordering several weeks out, your body is going to be changing drastically before your show! That is why we follow up for updated measurements during your prep, so that we're constantly in the loop of your progress!

Ideally, 10+ weeks out is the time frame you are looking at when it comes to ordering your suit.

For orders placed 12+ weeks out, you have the option to split your payments up into 2-4 instalments.

I want to order early, but my body will be changing! How can I be sure of the fit?

It is normal for your body to tighten up, we understand this first hand! We will schedule follow ups with you for updated progress photos, measurements along with your anticipated weight loss to create your suit as needed on an individual basis. Sometimes, we may not need updates at all. Rest assured, we would never proceed with your suit process if we're uncomfortable with the process of your prep. With the experience we have working closely with competitors in all "seasons" along with specific and detailed sizing methods and  KHCustoms high quality spandex fabric, you are in very good hands!! All  bikini's are left with 2 inches of fabric at the rear for a lifetime of quick adjustments by a local seamstress or anyone who knows how to sew.

I can't pay in full, do you offer payment plans?

Of course! As long as you are ordering 8 weeks out, you have the opportunity to split your payment in 2 instalments. If you taste exceeds your immediate budget, it's strongly encouraged to order several months in advance so that you can pay for your suit over time. It's not uncommon for our clients to order up to 8 months in advance just to split their payments up into several small instalments!


If you decide to change your show, you must continue with your payments and we will ship your suit out on schedule. If you're on a payment plan and have postponed your show and you do not complete your payments for us to proceed with shipping your suit, your suit will be terminated after 60 days past your final payment due date if you do not contact us.




We have a ZERO tolerance for missed/ignored payments and you will lose your suit should we not hear from you or receive payments within 60 days of your final payment due date.

Is it too late to order my suit?

It's usually never too late to order a suit.  We have a small handful of  suits that are ready to ship all the time. It's our job to make you stress less about these things! Wanting something custom? You may need to pay for an express or rush turnaround if you're ordering under 6 weeks out!

What is an Express/Rush Order?

Any order placed under 6 weeks out during the months of FEBRUARY - NOVEMBER  is considered a rush order. We can only take a handful of these every month. Your order is subject to a rush fee plus additional shipping fees to have your suit delivered quicker.  When we take a rush order, it is because we are BOOKED to capacity and we're literally working into the midnight hours to create your beautiful suit! We do not advise waiting until the last minute to order your suit!

What is your Return Policy?

All Sales are Final. This includes all pre-made + custom made purchases.


Once your order form is submitted and your payment is made, all sales are final. All deposits and instalments of any type are final and there are no refunds should you choose to forgo your suit. However, if you have ANY concerns  with your suit, please e-mail us ASAP including pictures of you in your suit and your concerns. KHCustoms guarantees every suit up to 24 hours after delivery!

Where are you located?

KHCustoms operates out of our studio boutique in Milton, ON and seasonally in Hallandale, FL. We run our business online and in-person and work with girls across the world. As of June, 2019 we have opened our first in-person boutique in Milton, ON and offer suit consultations in both our Milton and Hallandale locations.

We offer competition suit design parties in and around the above cities with a minimum of 5 competitors and a $500 deposit ($100 per competitor).

If  you are interested in having KHCustoms come to your gym or studio for a  design party outside of the cities above, contact us!

I changed my mind and I've already ordered!

Depending on where your suit is on the production schedule, we MAY be able to accommodate your requests, although ALL deposits and payments are final. We do not offer refunds if you change your mind after you have placed an order or submitted a deposit. You can email us if you'd like to change some details, however remember this request might be turned down if your  suit is already in production.


If you choose to compete at a later date or your show has been cancelled or postponed, your suit will still most likely be shipped out on our original schedule. We typically do not hold back suits if you have pushed back your show. Please be advised any changes once your order form has been submitted may not end up on your suit. Please note; if you miss your payment plan due date beyond 60 days without notice, your suit will be terminated and all instalments will be lost.

Do you offer Gift Cards?

Yes! You can order a virtual gift card for someone and learn more here.

What else do I need to complete my show day look?!

KHCustoms also offers a large selection of Competition Accessories through our Luxe line!

It is suggested to make arrangements for your hair and make up and tan! We have some pretty good relationships with different tanning companies and MUAH across Canada and the USA, so if you need a good referral, we'll try to link you up with someone in your area!!

How long does shipping take?

Depending on where you live, shipping will take between 1-6 business days.

We only use couriers for the quickest and safest deliveries to our clients.

Estimated Shipping Costs:

CANADA/USA STANDARD - $20-$25 (2-6 business days)

CANADA/USA EXPRESS - $30-$35 (1-2 business days)

Canada West, North, Remote Provinces/Territories, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico subject to increased delivery fees.

*Standard timeframes are closer to the 6 days for specified regions above.

*Express timeframes are usually 1 business day across Canada + US.

INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS (including Mexico) - $40 + (3-7 business days)


If you need a shipping rate to your international address, please email us with your shipping address for a current rate and timeframe.

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