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The million dollar question for bikini competitors; which bottom coverage is right for you?! Which coverage is REALLY allowed in your organization!? 


This is more specific to bikini competitors than Figure/WPD/BB, so if you're in the latter category  you can skim to the bottom to see a general guide for figure bottoms!


Bottom coverage is a huge aspect for bikini competitors and can be a slippery slope depending on which organization you're competing in. If you're a well conditioned athlete and are going in to win it, nothing is worse than being "over covered" when the first call outs are wearing a smaller cut than you that might have been a risky call. However, you also don't want to choose a coverage that might dock you points, or in a far stretch, disqualify you.


We work with several different competitors that compete in various organizations. The largest body organization we work with is the IFBB Pro League/NPC/CPA, so this is going to be mostly geared towards NPC/CPA Competitors!


For our girls in almost all other organizations; safe bet choices are our CHEEKY and BRAZILIAN cuts. You may opt for two bottoms, with one being the Semi-Pro or Pro Cut for the maximum glute exposure in more restrictive leagues. This is for our girls that compete in the OCB, WNBF, IDFA, PCA, UFE, NCAA, INBA etc. We do not recommend only one bottom be it Semi-Pro or Pro Cut in case of rejection. Please always ensure you have a backup or second pair of bottoms when going smaller than Brazilian in these organizations.


If at anytime you have questions or would like input on which bottom coverage is right for you, do not hesitate to email Krista for suggestions. Please be sure to include progress photos and the organization you will be competing in.


 The biggest mistake you can make is comparing coverages with different designers. All suit designers have their own cuts and none of them are streamline across the board. We all use similar names for our cuts, but they're NOT the same! This is so important to keep in mind, and reason why you should order a practice suit before ordering a competition suit with the same designer to get familiar with the coverage you prefer!


We as suit designers make these cuts. They're not sanctioned across the board and there's no general rule other than "cannot be a thong" in most organizations. Thus, we've developed several different cuts to ensure your comfort and qualification level. Understand that some States and Provinces are stricter in coverage even though we all fall under the same NPC/CPA organization.

Please be mindful of this!


At the end of the day, it is the competitors responsibility to ensure they're adequately covered for their show. When in doubt, order a back up pair of bottoms at a discounted price when ordering your competition suit to ensure all your bases are covered!



Figure/WPD/BB have it much more straight forward!


We offer two cuts, Standard or Pro to choose from! Our standard cuts are still very competitive measuring approx 5.5" across the bum. Our standard figure bottoms are approved across the board with all organizations. Our pro cuts have been approved at National level shows and State/Province level for well conditioned athletes.

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