tips on ordering

Welcome to KHCustoms!

There’s a few things you should know about when choosing to work with us as you are going to find every suit designer and company out there with a different process. We're all so different and unique, you are bound to find the company that goes with your flow!

First off, if you’ve made it this far, we appreciate that you are considering working with us!

We work with all our clients online and work with clients worldwide, so no matter where you are from, we can absolutely create your custom suit! 

SO! You're ready to start looking for your FIRST or NEXT competition suit and are new to working with us!

After browsing through all the information our website has to offer, cue pages: FAQ, CUSTOM SUITS, ORDER

(even though you may not be ready to order, it never hurts to skim through to see what we need from you before reaching out!) it's best to start off with a friendly e-mail to Krista,  owner of KHCustoms and introduce yourself!

We love to chat with our potential clients and happy to answer all the questions you have!

Email us with suits you like (try to cap this at 2-4) and what you like about them. The best thing to focus on at the beginning is Suit COLOR, Crystal Design & BUDGET!This will start us off on the right foot so things aren't too overwhelming from the start. As mentioned on our FABRICS page, do not hesitate to include a selfie or two if you're unsure of what fabric colors will look good on you!

We value your money and we’re not big fans of trying to make you spend more than what you are budgeting for, so you will clearly see budget options and prices outlined on the order form so that you are aware of the additional upcharges that can add up while creating your suit!

We encourage you to email us with any questions and let us suggest ideas that will bring your budget the furthest!

Ordering a Bikini?

Our suits start at $200 and these suits INCLUDE a light sprinkle of crystals! Our most basic suit is called the "Starter Scatter". Prices of a bikini start at $200 and work upwards. Our "Pro Level" suits (Pro Qualifying, Pro, and some must-have first timers) sit in the $600+ range!

All KHCustoms custom bikinis come with 5 connectors of choice and thick padding. Most of these connectors are included in the price of your suit!!

​​Ordering a Figure Suit?

Our Figure suits do not come standard with connectors, however you will see almost all of our suits have connectors on them - that’s because they’re a popular upgrade that are worth investing in and most of our clients do! You can add the “Figure Connector Upgrade” package to your order which will get you two neck connectors of choice, 1 middle connector and two crystal hooks in the back for easy in and out access!

All KHCustoms custom figure suits come double lined with thick padding, crystal hooks and adjustable back straps for a lifetime of easy adjusting. Your figure suit will arrive with your back straps safety pinned. This is for the easy adjustments that you can make to ensure the most comfortable fit for you! You may choose to sew your back straps in place or leave them securely safety pinned. They won't go anywhere and the judges won't see them!

All suits are custom made and can be done in any fabric and stone color combination of choice, figure or bikini!! We NEVER charge extra for standard crystal colors and can order specialty crystals in upon request for a small upgrade fee.

To see most of our examples, visit our Instagram page - @KHCustoms!

Looking for Prices?

Please send over any screenshots for pricing - we can only price out our own suits! You will be able to get a fair idea of our pricing by looking at our suits! To give you an idea as you are looking, something that is really blingy will be in the $600+ range, while moderate bling is $300-$400 and light scatters are $200-$250 ish!

Detailed Figure Designs start at $600 and work upwards to the $1000 level.

Ready to get started?

Be sure to browse the order form before submitting! This will give you a heads up on everything we require.

Depending on how many weeks out you are or if we are familiar with your prep, we may or may not need updated measurements through your prep. We’ll follow up with you if we are concerned or would like any additional measurements!

More Questions?

Be sure to go over the FAQ section and if you cannot find the answer, please do not hesitate to email uswith any questions you have!