Practice posing suits are crucial to the newest competitor to the most experienced competitor to protect your stage suit!


There are several benefits of owning a KHCustoms posing suit;

  • Your stage suit is DELICATE and should only be put on sparingly leading up to your show.
  • Your body fluctuates during your offseason and having a posing suit that resembles the cut of your stage suit will help your posing tweaks throughout your prep.
  • Working with KHCustoms through the offseason is just like working with a coach in the offseason - we're able to monitor at a closer level the fit of your suit to make more personalized tweaks on your future stage suit. Something we cannot do when looking at your body in another suit.

Please complete the order form below to get started. Once your order form is submitted, your order will be reviewed and you will be sent an invoice to reserve your order. Practice suits will be shipped within 3 weeks upon completion of payment.

Please feel comfortable to ask us any questions you have in regards to your practice posing suit order!

*Please note: For the quickest turn around possible, we do not allow custom fabric color requests.

Practice posing suits

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