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Free Fabric Swatches

What is better than FREE swatches? It's ideal to order your swatches at least 14 weeks out from your show to give yourself time to decide and order! Please remember, during peak seasons it's best to order your suit at LEAST 10 weeks out from your show, so grab these swatches as early as you can!

Below are examples of our Swatch Bundles! Please Note, you are only able to request 10 swatches at a time. Should you wish to mix and match, please fill out the custom description box below.

We mail all swatches using Canada Post + USPS. Delays are common, swatches can take up to 3 weeks to be delivered. 

Red Swatches.png

True Red Micro    True Red Shatter   Red Tricot   Cranberry Micro     Merlot  Tricot     Merlot Micro       Red/Black Avatar


Pink on Red Shatter      Pink on Red Micro       Fuchsia Micro     Sangria Shatter       Sangria Micro          Raspberry Tricot

           Kelly Green Micro    Emerald Shatter          Dark Emerald Tricot/Micro     Drk. Emerald Shatter     Kelly/Black Avatar

                           Peacock Micro               Mermaid Micro                           Seafoam Holo.                Turq. Holo          Dark Turq. Holo

Royal Blue Micro       Royal Blue Shatter      Blue Tricot               Electric Blue Micro            Electric Blue Hologram

Midnight Mic      Navy Tricot       Navy Micro     Dark Blue Shatter/Hologram    Dark Blue/Black Avatar    Dark Turquoise Micro


                  Lilac Tricot               Lilac Micro             Purple Tricot/Micro          Royal Purple Micr

Eggplant Tricot       Royal Purple Hologram    Magenta/Black Holo    Blue on Purple Micro       Blue On Purple Shatter

Black Tricot        Black Micro           Gunmetal Micro 

Avatar Fabrics

Red/Black     Fuchsia/Black    Magenta/Black     Kelly Green/Black   Turquoise/Black   Dark Blue/Black    Black/Black   Silver Ab/Black