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We understand you have a budget and no matter what your budget is, we can work with it!! KHCustoms suits start at $250 and these suits INCLUDE rhinestones! What are the things you need to know to make your ordering process a breeze?!

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All KHCustoms custom bikinis come with 5 connectors of choice and thick padding custom padding made just for our suits! Yes, that means MOST of our connectors will be included in the price of your bikini. We do have some that are more expensive than others, and you'll see these prices on theORDER FORM itself when selecting connectors!


All KHCustoms custom figure suits come double lined with our custom thick padding, hooks and adjustable back straps for a lifetime of easy adjusting.

Please keep in mind, our back straps are adjustable by way of small durable safety pins. You may choose to sew down your straps when you find a comfortable spot, but many of our clients keep the pins securely fastened on stage!

Figure suits do not come standard with connectors and we do not use connectors on the hips on our figure suits. Figure suits are meant to sit HIGH on the waist (so high that it is pretty darn uncomfortable), as you want the straps to hit the smallest part of your waist, or as close as possible to it!

We have some samples below of some of our most popular styles. To find a price of a popular suit style, please click on the photo below (must be in desktop mode for prices).

These suits are just representations of the stoning volume you will get for the cost of the suit!

All suits are custom made to our clients request. Which means we can manipulate crystal volume depending on each specific budget. To keep the "look" of the suit design, we can only reduce the crystal volume by a maximum of 20% on certain suits. Please keep in mind these examples are just guidelines and we ask that you email us personally to create the suit that works best for you!

All suits are custom made and can be done in any fabric and stone color combination of choice, figure or bikini!!

We NEVER charge extra for standard crystal colors! If you wish for special order crystals, we can order them in for a small upgrade fee! 
If you don't see what you are looking for,  don't worry! There are several more suits on our instagram page @KHCustoms, feel free to visit our instagram page or send us an email with your ideas -

Krista Haynes & The KHCustoms Team!


Simply click on the suit with a crystal volume that matches your vision to see the budget of the suit.

These examples are displayed in order from least expensive to most expensive. 

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