Crystal selection

We keep stock of over 65 crystal colors in various sizes! However, we do not stock all the colors. We stock the most popular and common crystal colors to keep our costs (and yours) to a minimum! If you want a crystal color that is not within our standard stock (red asterisks), we can easily order it in for you for an additional cost.

When it comes to selecting crystals, most of our clients give us a general idea of what they are looking for, such as "Blues/Clears" or "Dark Crystals" or "Primarily Light Crystals", etc.  as with 1,000 combos, sometimes it's best to leave it to the pros! However, we keep the page here for you if you want to have a specific crystal color(s) on your suit! Please keep in mind the photo examples are not 100% accurate. You can choose as little as 1 crystal color or your suit, or as many as all 65+!  We do not charge extra for any of our standard crystal stock, no matter how many colors you want to see on your suit! While special order crystals can be added starting at $25+ per crystal color.

Want to skip over these details to see some amazing combinations pre-designed by our designers?

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We LOVE using all the colors in our arsenal to create your one of a kind suit. Gone are the days of clear crystals only! Now, many of our clients LOVE AB crystals, and we love them to!! AB coated crystals are a chemical coating over the crystal which changes the crystal color to reflect different light from all different angles!!

There are many factors that change what you'll see from one crystal to the next. In other words, as varied as the Aurora Boreale can be, the effect of the AB coating can also be very varied. For example, AB coating applied to light colours produces an effect which is subtle, luminescent and soft, similar to the soft colours seen on the surface of bubbles in certain lights - pinks, soft green, soft blue, soft yellow.

But, put the same AB coating on a dark colour such as Jet, Siam or Emerald, even Fuchsia or Amethyst, and you will get quite a different effect. On dark colours the AB coating takes on a brighter hue where the gold is more visible in the crystal. This is why sometimes it's ideal to give is some keywords opposed to crystal colors  because we know the combos that will look the best!

Unsure of what you're looking for? Most are! We've put together some popular combos that look amazing under stage lights in our Crystal Combo Corner.