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All our KHCustoms Bikini's come with 5 crystal connectors of choice which are included in the price of your bikini. Select connectors are more expensive than others, which are listed below. You may add connectors to your KHCustoms Custom figure suit for an additional cost.  All designs can be done on a figure or bikini style suit! As always, if you do not see a design you would like, please e-mail us explaining the look you are going for!


Below are our current in-stock connectors. When ordering, please tell us which connectors you would like on your suit by providing us with the # for your hip/neck choices and letter for your chest connector! If you would like custom connectors ordered in, we can do that for you as well as long as time permits *extra fee applies.

Did you know?

Specific body types compliment different style of connectors!



- Dangle connectors such as (#3, #9, #12) typically are used in more WBFF style shows, and less seen in NPC/IFBB leagues. These connectors are best for long legs. Avoid dangle connectors if you are more hippy.

- For the petite competitor, we suggest connectors that aren't overpowering, such as (#4, #5, #10, #11).

- Broad? Avoid connectors that are thick and might add illusions to your shape such as (#6).

- Small Chested? Choose a smaller connector such as (A, C, F) this will maximize push up. All suits are left with sliding triangle tops. If you would prefer the cups to be sewn in, you may request this on your order form!

- Almost all body types work well with (#1, #5, #10).


Figure Suits:

Our clients almost always go with the "Figure Connector Upgrade" package which includes 2 neck connectors, 1 chest connector and crystal clip ins at the rear for easy in an out access!


This package is $40. We do not advise connectors on the bottoms of figure suits. Given the nature of figure bottoms it is best to work with fabric only bottoms, should you order hip connectors, it may interfere with the integrity of our beautiful bottoms!  


If you would like our opinion, we can help you decide which connectors will compliment your body type the best!! Email us - anytime!

Back Connectors

Top/Bottom Connectors


Middle Connectors

**Please be advised that connectors are extremely delicate. KHCustoms holds zero responsibility for damaged connectors due to misuse**
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